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Your recent commercial on TV shows two young boys holding a stinky jock strap over the nose of their sleeping father. The father, instead of being repulsed by the odor, actually cuddles the jock strap, because it smells so good after being washed with Gain.

This commercial seems to imply that a man's genital area smells unpleasant, and maybe it does, but using mean spirited pranks, and poor social skills of kids, is probably not the best way to present your product.

Would you have a commercial with little girls waving smelly panties over their mother's nose?

These types of commercials may be seen as sexist, and may cause a reduction in your sales.

Please be more aware to the sensitivities of your customers, and that using children displaying rude behaviour, may not be a winning idea.

Carol M. Jaxson-Jager PhD NBCC LPC DCC CST

Healthy Counsel LLC

Product or Service Mentioned: Gain Detergent Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I don’t understand your comments anyways honestly {{redacted}} are the ones that buy there products in reality and don’t cause all this drama!!!!! So sad to read how dirty mineded and sick this people are


I didn't even find this funny. This is not the way to sell a product. Our country has no sense of decency anymore.


You were so busy accumulating a bunch of {{Redacted}} degrees that you fail to realize the jock ISN'T stinky.....that is the whole point. Did you, by any chance, vote for Obama? I know your kind all too well.


I totally agree. The childrens' rude behavior is one thing, but the prank is uncalled for. I suspect that if it were a woman with women's underwear you would hear wild outcries opposing this.

Bill Michael

"Carol M. Jaxson-Jager PhD NBCC LPC DCC CST"No sense of humor...???

to Bill Michael #1514830

No, she’s got a sense of decency, unlike yourself.

to Joel vandever #1515069

Remember that "the number of degrees a person chooses to list after their name bears an inverse relationship to their IQ"....A. Einstein

Bill Michael

I thought it was funny as hello.I also thought it was daring in "new" instead of the same old junk we consumers are fist-fed. I liked it so much I went looking for it and this is why I am here after doing a Google search for this commercial.Keep up the good work. America needs a good laugh.


El comercial de los dos niños , oliendo el sostenedor genital de su papá es muy ridiculo y obceno, no es bueno para vender su producto, al contrario uno sicoligicamente rechaza ese comercial y por ende el producto, es mejor que lo cambien y lo quiten del comercial de tv ,

to Anonymous #1515064


to Anonymous #1517039

They said the commercial with the two boys basically is ridiculous and obscene and not good for selling a product. I don't speak Spanish very well, but I do understand the basic meaning!


You all need to lighten up! It's was just funny!You don't see men boycotting your tampon commercials!

Bill Michael
to Anonymous #1514603

I agree. I am bombarded every day with things women use for their personal hygiene.

Why not some males use. And if you pay attention, this commercial featuring Gain Laundry Detergent is about getting things clean and fresh.

to Bill Michael #1514832

So, a disgusting male-oriented ad is a proper response?

to Joel vandever #1515085

Who said anything about disgusting? It is a little raunchy, but anyone old enough to buy and use gain has seen and done much, much worse.


Really, like WTF were thinking? This is gonna make go out and buy your product? This world is going to ***

Bill Michael
to Anonymous #1514606

It makes me think that Gain Laundry Detergent is a part of the "real world" where kids do childish things and harmless pranks.

to Bill Michael #1514805

Why are so many commercials depicting poor behavior of children or kids making messes considered harmless when so many kids imitate what they see on TV ?

to Anonymous Man #1515063

Mmmmm, I am sure I never did anything so heinous when I was a child. Believe me, if that was the worst a kid ever did, the world would be so wonderful.


Thought it was a riot!

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